Our Estate Management department deals with the maintenance, supervision and account management of residential apartment blocks and multi user commercial developments. Currently handling a number of developments varying in size from small residential apartment blocks to industrial estates.

With many years of experience in this specialist market George and Company understand the needs of the client. Regular contractors can often become complacent and allow standards to fall, highlighting the importance of regular site inspections.

At George and Company we believe in preventative maintenance, professionally planned, budgeted and discussed. This can save large sums of money in the medium to long term.

Larger maintenance contracts require detailed inspection of submitted quotations, these must be fully assessed to ensure they are fair and reasonable. The contractors will be required to provide confirmation of commencement and completion dates and that they understand the agreed terms and arrangements made. Once the works are completed we will inspect to ensure satisfactory standards.

George and Company will administer the service charge accounts on a day to day basis, liaising with accountants and solicitors as required.

Depending on the terms of our contract, our team will:
  • Prepare budgets for service charges
  • Collect service charges as agreed
  • Keep detailed records of the finances and expenditure
  • Arrange all the regular service contracts for example cleaning of common parts, window cleaning, gardening etc.
  • Arrange and supervise major repairs including works required as a result of insurance claims.
  • Submit accounts and documentation to accountants/auditors
  • Make at least four site visits a year
  • Correspond with solicitors in pre-sale enquiries

Service Charge – “a payment from a tenant to his landlord for services that the tenant did not want and could not afford.”? Peter Forrester

In reality the service charge is governed by the lease and the extent of services that the landlord is obliged to provide. The cost of providing these services is recoverable from the leaseholders. The leaseholder’s proportional liability for the cost of these services is also prescribed within the lease.

The managing agent acts for the landlord to ensure that their obligations are administered in accordance with the lease. Good estate management will maintain and potentially improve the value of the Leaseholders investment.